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About Kybo’s Baby Clothing

Kybo's Baby Clothing is an online boutique for mothers looking for the latest trends in children's clothing. We are overjoyed to debut our first baby clothes brand, and we do not take this opportunity lightly, as we are committed professionals who want to keep infants and toddlers looking attractive while also ensuring that parents are pleased with every purchase. Our assortment of items will delight you as we strive to provide your child with sweat-free, cool, snug, and comfortable outfits. Our objective is to provide high-quality baby clothing that can be cleaned frequently without losing their appearance. We provide these accessible, high-quality products at an affordable price and as a hassle-free service for your convenience. We value quality over quantity, which is why we take great care in manufacturing our items. Creating this brand enables moms to have simpler access to products on a daily basis.

Mission statement

Kybo’s baby clothing is not just a children’s boutique, but a fresh take on kid’s retail. Our goal is to make our store as interactive and accessible as possible, for adults and especially for kids. We strive to make our store a place for you to find the most unique clothing possible for your little special someone.

At Kybo’s baby clothing, we have a strong sense of community and a reputation of excellent customer service. We continuously seek to give back to our customers and our community, just as much as they provide for us.

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About the Founder

Our Founder, Kemisha Levy was born in Kingston Jamaica, she migrated to the United States ten years after her father unexpectedly passed away. Kemisha hobbies include: Reading, cooking and writing. She is currently Employed in the medical field and she is in process of pursuing her Master’s degree in Health Science management. Lastly, kemisha is mom to an adorable baby boy Kyrie, who she works hard for every day. After Giving birth to her son, she began to contemplate on how to create a business that supports other mothers like herself, young mother, student etc. Seeing her son grow so quickly, seeing the costs of clothes, new and altered she figured she could help others not only save money but to ease the disappointment in the poor quality that is sometimes sold to us. she created this company as a mother who can relate to other mothers in the quality and prices they need.