Tips to Care for Your Kid’s Clothes

Tips to Care for Your Kid’s Clothes


I remember when Baby Elsa had allergies that wouldn’t go.

A friend’s baby Elsa was about months old when the allergies became very serious. Her skin had a rash breakout that kept reoccurring. Her mom had applied various topical treatments but nothing seemed to be working until they took her to a dermatologist.  Before then she had done several allergy tests and all of them came back negative.

It was then it was discovered that she was allergic to certain components of her laundry and clothing. Laundry-related allergies affect 1 in every 20 babies in the US. Effects include itching and breakouts which cause discomfort for babies. To prevent such issues for children under the age of 5, there are simple tips you can put into practice.

Caring for children's clothes is different from the way we handle adult clothes. Special care must be taken. Most children's clothes are made from pure cotton. This makes them delicate. Also, note that children being susceptible to infections means that we must be cautious of the surface we keep their clothes. Try this tips when caring for children’s clothes.


Use Mild Detergents

Some detergents contain chemicals that could be harsh on the skin of young children. Some children are even allergic to these chemicals. It is important to pay attention when shopping for soaps and detergents. If regular bleach is too strong, you can try natural substitutes for bleach like baking soda, white distilled vinegar or borax. If you want to avoid using bleach altogether, leaving clothes out in the sun works to remove stains from clothes.

Separate by Colors and Types

When washing children's clothes, it is important to separate them by colors and types. Washing like colors together generally makes clothes last longer. Clothes used for the same purposes or occasions are better washed together. A good example of this is to separate clothes that make contact with food like bibs from clothes that make contact with the baby's skin like cloth diapers.

Rinse Extra

It is no doubt that water is the purest of liquid on earth. What better way to ensure your young child’s laundry is squeaky clean? Even with the mildest detergents, it doesn’t hurt to be doubly sure. To make sure all traces of soap/detergent are removed from kids' laundry, be sure to give them an extra rinse cycle.

Iron Gently if Needed

When ironing kid's clothes, use a cool iron and don't press too hard. Some clothes should be ironed inside out to protect the details and décor on them. Ironing also makes folding easier and more convenient.

Share with us, are there other tips you practice when taking care of your children’s clothes.

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This was a good read especially for me since my son has a very sensitive skin I have to be careful when doing his laundry. Thank you for sharing these tips.

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