How Much Clothes Does a Baby Need in the First Year?

How Much Clothes Does a Baby Need in the First Year?

I often get this question from intending parents. It was a question I had myself when I was preparing for my son. Just how much clothes will my child be needing in the first few month s or the first year.

From experience and from working with new parents through Kybo’s Baby Clothing, I have seen a recurring pattern in baby wardrobe needs that you would find useful.

Focus on The First Three Months

This is what I’d advice expectant moms and dads to focus on because babies grow faster than you think. So when shopping, buy outfits labelled 1-3 months. The weight of your baby would also determine how often you would need fresh supplies.


Stock Up on Essentials

To be honest, there are some things you would buy that your baby might never need nor use. So it is important to stock up on the essentials. What are these essentials? Onesies/bodysuits, overalls, 2-pieces as well as accessories such as beanies, socks, mittens, bibs and blankets. You will also needs baby sweaters and jackets depending on the season. These are clothing that you will use daily both indoors and outdoors.


Factor in Lifestyle

Lifestyle patterns would affect how much clothing is needed on a day to day basis. Bath times, feeding times and stepping out for strolls all affect how many times you change your baby’s clothes. Did I forget the legendary poo sessions, haha.



Keep the above points in mind when shopping.

So on the average, your baby might need three to five change of clothing daily.

As your baby grows, your shopping list would evolve. I created Little Bee Box to cater to the essential things a baby needs as they grow. Learn more here.





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