Hello Winter, Bye Fall!

Hello Winter, Bye Fall!

Hello Winter!

Like everyone, I try to prepare for Winter. I really try my best, crossing i’s and dotting t’s. Nothing however prepared me for Kyrie’s response to choice of clothing in winter. Or rather his response towards my choices for him.

So you can imagine my shock when this little man insisted on wearing summer clothes in November!! Son, this is Virginia!

This was such a tussle. He kept insisting on wearing his summer faves.  Glad I’ve put those clothes out of sight, all of them! Isn’t it amazing how parenting will constantly put you in constant dilemmas?

You want your kid to be happy yet you must be mindful of their safety. Striking that balance is not easy. Sometimes it breaks my heart so much. How do you deal with this as apparent?

Anyway, now that we’ve gone past fighting over wearing summer clothes in winter, I’m wondering what the next adventure would be.

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