Baby Essentials That Make Child Care 10X Easier.

Baby Essentials That Make Child Care 10X Easier.

Have you ever wondered how childcare would be without some products? Chaotic!! Taking care of a child today is already as challenging as it is. Can’t just picture how it was for parents way back in the day.

So I’m thankful for these seemingly little items. Hey might not be heavy equipment but they make life so much easier. From feeding to showers; diapering to sleep, these products are always saving the day.

Here are some of them that we have in stock at the moment.

Shower/Shampoo Caps

These caps are just amazing. You know how you want to wash your baby’s hair but you’re a little scared of water or soap getting into their eyes or nostrils right? That’s where these caps come in. Also if you want to just give a bath without touching the hair, the caps also come in handy. They are available in cute colors. You can find these two types here.

 Fresh Food Feeders

This feeder helps you feed your toddler fruits and other fresh foods which are essential after weaning. It’s encased in a protective cup. The feeding component is made of silicone, it is soft and doubles as a pacifier. It’s perforated and so makes chewing and sucking seamless. It sure takes away the mess hat come when kids eat fruits. Have you tried a fresh feeder before?



Feeders with Spoon Attached

These feeders really come in handy when your baby doesn’t like sucking as with the regular feeders. So instead of using a bowl and a spoon which can get messy, this feeder combines the best of both worlds.

It comes in different cute colors so you can choose your preference here.


Bibs of All Kinds

Yes, bibs! Can you stop for a moment and think of all the clothing that bibs have protected? Picture this, you’re out of the house and it’s time to feed your child and they’re wearing one of their cutest outfits. You check your baby bag and there’s no bib. You’re slightly sad because of what would happen to tat cute outfit. So you see, bibs are topnotch inventions. 

We have some very cute and functional bibs on our store. Click here to check them out.



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