20 Questions Every New Parents Ask Themselves

20 Questions Every New Parents Ask Themselves

As a new parent, there are at least 10 questions going through your mind every minute. Some you can as ask openly and not be afraid of being judged. There are however some questions you ask yourself but are hard to articulate.

Well, you are not alone. Most of the crazy questions that have crossed your mind have been asked by parents all over the world. Some have immediate answers. Others, you would must have to wait to wait to find out. Parenting is indeed a journey. So buckle up for the next 2-ish decades. 

  1. Do babies have their own language?
  2. What is my child prefers the other parent?
  3. When is it safe to take my baby out?
  4. Will I have a favorite among my children?
  5. Am I bad if I let my baby cry a little?
  6. What really goes through their mind when I drop them off at daycare?
  7. Does my child really love me?
  8. How often will my child need new clothing (we inserted this one – every month!)
  9. At what point does my baby start to recognize me?
  10. Will they grow up to be successful?
  11. Will they have a different sexual orientation from their birth gender?
  12. Will they find love?
  13. Will they take care of me when I’m old?
  14. Will my child look like me?
  15. Which personality will they take –mine or my partner’s.
  16. Which food allergies would they have?
  17. How much will they remember from their childhood?
  18. Cats or dogs?
  19. When does it get easier?
  20. Sometimes I need me-times, I shouldn’t feel guilty right?

One thing is sure with these questions whether mild or seemingly crazy – time will tell. Let’s enjoy present moments while they last. Hugs and kisses!


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